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Many business owners want to pay as little in taxes as possible. I don’t blame them. After all, your earnings are a result of your own hard work. However, taking advice from internet sources and hoping to “get away with it” is a dangerous path for any business owner. The livelihood of your business depends on who you trust for tax advice.

Let’s face it, tax law can seem illogical and downright confusing at times. In some instances, you may believe that something should work a certain way, but you find out it doesn’t. In fact, there is no shortcut to investigating what the tax law allows. If you try to side-step the law, even by accident, you may be liable for high fines and potential jail time.

You can’t escape death or taxes.

Never think that you can pay zero in taxes.  This is a total fallacy. The IRS has a term for these mistaken side-steppers and names them as “tax protestors.” Tax protestors argue against certain amendments and loopholes in the law and often create complex claims. However, the courts usually rule in favor of the U.S. law as it is currently written and often rule against the “devil’s advocate” approach of tax protestors.  Therefore, don’t be fooled. The government will come after you for all the money owed to them, whether you fully understand it or not. I guarantee it!

The IRS has firm beliefs you can’t get around.

  1. Payment of federal income tax is mandatory.
  2. Payment for personal services is income.
  3. Military retirement pay is income.
  4. Domestic and foreign sources of income are taxable.
  5. Everyone on U.S. soil must pay federal income taxes, including all citizens and permanent residents.
  6. A taxpayer is a person working under U.S. laws and is subject to federal income taxes.
  7. There are no constitutional amendments allowing taxpayers to evade taxes.

2017 RC TL Certificates-Paragon AcctgFind the Right Tax Advice Partner.

Real tax strategies work within the law and what the law allows. Therefore, be sure to keep accurate records and documentation so there is no question regarding legitimate allowances on tax deductions. Moreover, get your tax advice from a tax professional who is qualified to advise on the tax code and abides within it to safeguard your business. Paragon works to give you the most in tax savings while STILL staying within the allowances of the tax code. We can manage your monthly accounting, payroll and taxes with easy payment options.