Tax Talk

Making the Grade

People have always aspired to "make the grade" and take their place on the lists of the world's most famous and accomplished people. A... Read More

Time is Money

In 1895, H.G. Wells launched his sci-fi career with a tale about a Victorian gentleman who travels to Earth in the year 802,701AD. The "Time... Read More

The Changing Face of Fortune

Captains of industry like John D. Rockefeller, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and JP Morgan created enormous fortunes before dying and passing their wealth... Read More

I Am the Captain Now

Everyone knows that Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer — one last blowout weekend for trips to the beach or lake, cookouts, and carefree... Read More

Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit

Are you struggling to work & take care of your young child? The Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit is a dollar-for-dollar credit you can use... Read More

Shouldn’t This Be In People Magazine Instead?

Back in 1788, George Washington turned down his chance to become King of the new United States of America. Maybe that's why the closest thing we... Read More

Trimming the Hedges

2020 was a tough year all around. Coronavirus cast a pall over every aspect of life. Millions of Americans lost their jobs, and the stock market... Read More

Use Your Words

It's a common misconception that accounting and taxes are all about numbers. Looking at a balance sheet or a tax return, it's an easy mistake to... Read More

It’s All About Perspective

There's a saying, usually attributed to Lenin, that "nothing can happen for decades, then decades happen in weeks." These last few weeks certainly... Read More

To Boldly Tax Where No Man Has Taxed Before

Cross-border tax questions present some of the thorniest issues in tax. For example: when an American company like Apple takes components from 43... Read More