Tax Talk

Don’t Cry 4-3, Argentina

Americans love a champion, and every year, sports fans get to see new champions crowned. We've got a World Series, a Super Bowl, and NBA finals... Read More

Tax Collectors Target “Netflix and Chill”

A generation ago, "serious" filmmakers flocking to Hollywood set their sights on movies, not television. Visionary directors like Martin Scorsese and... Read More

Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcash, and Ethereum rest on a foundation of "blockchain": a continuously growing public transaction ledger... Read More

Employee Achievement Award Is Tax Deductible

Good employees are so valuable to your growing business, particularly those that stay with you for many years. One way to honor them is to give them... Read More

What Has Changed With Investment Real Estate?

Are you thinking about entering the investment real estate market? Or perhaps you already have rental properties that are bringing in a passive... Read More

More Important Than Taxes?!?

Last month, we wrote that New York money manager AllianceBernstein is moving its headquarters and 1,100 employees from a slick black Manhattan... Read More

Manly Men Doing Manly Things in a Manly Way

Back in the early 80s, a group of Democratic legislators decided to room together to cut the cost of staying in Washington for the three nights or so... Read More

IRS Scuttles Tax Breaks for Pirate Victims

It's 1715 in the Caribbean and the Golden Age of Piracy is at its peak. The War of Spanish Succession is over, and thousands of privateers are left... Read More

Estimated Tax Payments

  The IRS works on a pay-as-you-earn basis. That means the IRS requires everyone to pay taxes as they are earning throughout the year. If... Read More

She Did It!

Early on Saturday morning, 29 million Americans woke up to take a break from school shootings, Russian collusion, and partisan gridlock to watch a... Read More