Paragon Video Testimonial - Pat Batchelor

So I called my friend, John Drawdy and from the "get-go," things went so smoothly. They did a great job on my taxes. And, then I mentioned to him it was just such a hassle do a month-to-month accounting and bookkeeping.

Paragon Video Testimonial - Kyle Reid

We've been using Paragon for about 2 years now and ever since then I have had no worries about my taxes or my finances or anything falling through the cracks. They are always there to answer questions regardless of what time of day it is. They are always willing to get back to you and make sure that everything is taken care of properly.

Paragon Video Testimonial - Jonathan Smith

We've been working with Paragon accounting for a little over a year now, and it's tremendously helped us keep track of our monthly reporting, our year-end. And we realized a lot of tax advantages that we had not realized in the past, and due to their detailed record-keeping and communication with our office, it has been a great experience.

Paragon Video Testimonial - Dave Merino

My name is Dave Merino and I'm an attorney. My firm is Merino & Associates LLC. Prior to working with Paragon, it seemed, every year, we were struggling to pull everything together at the end of the year & when tax time came, it was always crunch time.