Business Year End Tax Preparation

year end tax preparationEveryone scrambles in the first part of every year to pull together their tax paperwork. It’s STRESSFUL. It makes everyone anxious. And, it’s totally unnecessary. Here at Paragon, we use the November and December as year end tax preparation time.

Year End Tax Preparation For Your Small Business

As part of our services, we offer year end tax planning meetings. We love to go beyond your expectations for what a CPA firm “normally” does. So, during our year end tax preparation meetings, we take the time to review your business numbers and assess the tax implications for your company. As such, many of our small business entrepreneurs find these meeting extremely helpful. It provides insights business owners need in order to address any concerns before the end of the year. Sure, we can go back and repair an error made in a previous tax year. However, it is more cost effective if we do it correctly ahead of the tax season! Ultimately, we want to ensure you have a “rock solid” tax plan that takes advantage of every opportunity the law allows.

What To Expect From Your Year End Tax Preparation Meeting

For your year end tax planning meeting, Paragon will:

  • Evaluate if you have correct processes & procedures as part of your regular business activities.
  • Assess your process for paying 1099 independent contractors and W2 payroll employees.
  • Examine your retirement savings vehicles and the implications for your “bottom line”.
  • Review your Year To Date charitable contributions.
  • Examine your YTD totals of income and expenses. This will reveal a nett income projection and any tax implications.
  • Assess any intensions for new purchases or decisions that may impact your tax implications. Yes, we want to know about it BEFORE you take action so we can advise you about tax saving opportunities.
  • Review health insurance and how it affects your requirements for Obamacare rules.

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