Tax Talk

Mmmmmm, Donuts

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Pummeled By the Bear

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The Evolution of the Tax Professional Starts Here

15,000 years ago, ambitious social climbers had just two career tracks to choose from – you could hunt, or you could gather. (Cave painting... Read More

Injury, Meet Insult

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A Little Goes a Long Way

Sometimes, when Washington changes tax laws, it’s Big Freakin’ News. Back in 1986, a bipartisan group of senators and representatives... Read More

Membership Has Its Privileges

In 1958, American Express launched its first credit card. They worked to position it as a premium offering right out the gate, with a... Read More

Unaffordable at Any Speed

Have you tried buying a car lately? It’s nuts! Carmakers are scrambling to find the chips they need to power features like entertainment... Read More

Nice Work If You Can Get It

It’s Spring Break, and millions of Americans are doing their best bird imitations and flying south. College kids will find their way to... Read More

As Time Goes By

In 1942, Captain Louis Renault, commander of French troops in Casablanca, was “shocked, shocked” to find that gambling was going on at... Read More

Lights, Camera, Action!

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