Tax Talk

Keep Calm and Carry On

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I, Robot

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617 Words About Those 87,000 IRS Agents

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Isn’t It Special?

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Splitting Hairs, Volume #2,379

2022 is a cynical time, full of cynical men and women bending and breaking the rules that govern every aspect of our lives in a cynical race... Read More


The first sighting came from California’s Orange County in 2006. Then quickly spread to New York, Atlanta, New Jersey, and DC. Then Beverley... Read More

Sock it To Me

Most of us look back on the 70s as a time of louche excess: garish bell bottoms, deep-pile shag carpets, slouchy conversation pits, and coke... Read More

Excuses, Excuses

A recent poll from the Pew Research Center finds that 54% of Americans think violent crime is one of our country’s biggest problems. You... Read More