Tax Talk

AI Fails to Predict…The Future?

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Tax Whack-a-Mole

Our beloved internal revenue code currently runs 4,968 pages. That’s a lot of fingers and toes! But you can reduce the whole exercise to... Read More

The More Things Change

Dealing with bureaucracy is rarely easy and never fun. Back in the 1980s, future NBA Hall of Famer Karl Malone earned the nickname “the... Read More

What’s Tax Got to Do with It?

Tina Turner’s death last month at age 83 leaves an enormous hole in the soul of rock and roll. Turner cut her first record in 1958 on her... Read More

Flying Friendlier Skies

In 1748, Benjamin Franklin published an essay called “Advice to a Young Tradesman,” where he wrote, “Remember that time is money.”... Read More


When you think of a labor strike, you probably picture a line of blue-collar workers carrying picket signs in front of a coal mine or... Read More

Check Your Speed

Here in these United States, tax policy rests on the notion that tax rates should rise with income, so those who earn more pay a greater... Read More

It May Be Artificial, But Is it Really Intelligence?

Last month, an outfit modestly calling itself “The Future of Life Institute” released an open letter calling for all artificial... Read More

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Here in America, were world champs at “fake it ‘til you make it.” Just look at Anna Delvey (Inventing Anna), Representative George... Read More

The Art of Tax

April 15 is almost here, and panicky taxpayers across America are begging their tax pros for any help they can get for bills they aren’t... Read More